Is Your Megabus Always Late?

A typical Megabus table seat by iheartpandas on flickr

If you’ve ever traveled along the Boston to DC corridor for leisure, there is a good chance that you decided to take one of the “curbside buses” (e.g., Megabus or BoltBus). If you’re driving by yourself, making the trip is extremely cost-prohibitive and does not significantly reduce overall travel time compared to the bus. Tolls alone can exceed $20 and increasing gas prices could easily add an additional $45 each way. Keep in mind that you’ll also need to find a parking spot in these often congested cities. On the other hand, taking the bus can cost less than tolls alone. Plus, you get access to electrical outlets and Wifi at no additional cost. You can basically use that time which you would spend driving to conduct other business or even indulge in some pleasures. Additionally, it also turns out to be a great opportunity to meet new people.

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What Causes “Phantom” Traffic Jams?

Photo by michaelrperry on Flickr.

Have you ever been cruising blissfully down the highway only to find yourself stuck in massive traffic jam? You wait, and wait, and wait, wondering what on earth could be causing such delays. Is it a crash? Construction activities? Rubbernecking from a big fire off to the side? Finally, you get to the end of the jam… and there’s nothing there. Transportation engineers call these delays “phantom traffic jams”, and they’re remarkably common.

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Watch This Space

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