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Jefferson King

Jefferson works with the Bus Technology Systems Support group at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and a Master’s from Virginia Tech. His transportation interests include Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS), multimodality, and transportation planning in developing nations. He also enjoys long walks on the beach but has no access to a nice beach in Arlington, VA.  See all posts by Jefferson.

Peter Kauffmann

Peter is a transportation engineer with Gorove/Slade Associates, a transportation engineering and planning consulting firm based in Washington, DC. His specialties are multimodal analyses and the planning of non-auto facilities like bike lanes and bus terminals. Peter received his master’s degree from Virginia Tech in 2011 with the thesis Traffic Flow on Escalators and Moving Walkways and is a registered EIT in the state of Virginia. He currently lives in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC with a cat, a Subaru, and a sizeable collection of classic movies. See all posts by Peter.

Miloš Mladenović

Miloš is a PhD student in the Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech, working in the VT-SCORES lab.  His focus area is road transportation systems engineering, specializing in traffic signal control and management, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and infrastructure management systems for ITS. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering at the University of Belgrade in addition to receiving his master’s degree from Virginia Tech in 2011. Although Miloš wants to become a professor of transportation engineering one day, he still plans on maintaining his personal relationship with traffic signal controllers. See all posts by Miloš.


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