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How will self-driving vehicles “drive” us?

During your lifetime, it is very likely you will encounter a self-driving vehicle on the road. But I will not try to convince you into this fact. My intention is to try to steer up some of your thoughts about … Continue reading

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20 Years of 18.4 Cents Per Gallon: We Need to Raise the Gas Tax

You probably haven’t heard because of all the press coverage over the government shutdown and the looming debt limit, but October 2013 represents an annoying milestone for people like me who care about our nation’s transportation infrastructure. Twenty years ago, … Continue reading

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How did we end up with traffic signals?

Picture this situation – you are waiting at a red traffic signal. The seconds are passing, and you are wondering why is the signal not turning green? At that point, a thought is passing through your mind – who invented … Continue reading

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How about ecodriving your car?

People often complain about the increase of gas prices. However, it is a fact that gas prices in US are lower then in the majority of the countries in the world. In fact, the only countries that have lower gas … Continue reading

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What Causes “Phantom” Traffic Jams?

Have you ever been cruising blissfully down the highway only to find yourself stuck in massive traffic jam? You wait, and wait, and wait, wondering what on earth could be causing such delays. Is it a crash? Construction activities? Rubbernecking … Continue reading

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